I came across a question. Some of the generic_name contains backward slash sign, for example, CYCLOPHOSPHAMIDE\PREDNISONE\VINCRISTINE. How to construct the API query that can include backward slash sign?

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Those are three separate medication names, not one with backslashes in it. So you would search for them individually or in combinations with logical operators.

For example:


  • Thank you Denis. So for example, if I would like to search for Aspirin\Prednisolone (means taking Aspirin and Prednisolone at the same time) for a specific indication, the API query could be the following? ... search = (patient.drug.openfda.generic_name.exact:(%22ASPIRIN%22)+AND+patient.drug.openfda.generic_name.exact:(%22PREDNISOLONE%22))+AND+(patient.drug.drugindication.exact: COLITIS)&count=patient.drug.drugindication.exact") ?
    – Meng Liu
    Commented Sep 30, 2020 at 20:12

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