I downloaded the device classification dataset from here

Despite being listed in the searchable fields in the documentation, the openFDA field "pma_number" appears to be missing (at least in the Aug2020 release).

Also, does this dataset link the medical device identified with k_number with the facility is manufactured in? It is not clear to me the information about fei_number/registration_number. As an alternative, is it possible to recover information about where the specific medical device is manufactured?

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grep "\"pma_number\"" device-classification-0001-of-0001.json | wc -l yields 406, which means 406 records do have pma_number values.

Please note that this specific dataset relies on harmonization to determine pma_number, which is not always feasible and thus many records will inevitably miss pma_number entries.

If you have a k_number value, you could query the Device Registrations & Listings Overview endpoint to determine manufacturing information, such as


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