I'm wondering whether there is any open data out there that comprehensively lists weigh stations in the US and their latitude/longitude. Other vehicle inspection facilities would be interesting.

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This may not be the answer you seek.

Weigh Station Location Information

Weigh-in-Motion (Bi-Directional) Interstate based Weigh Stations:
Flagler / Madison / Martin / Pensacola / Punta Gorda / Seffner / Sneads / White Springs / Wildwood / Yulee

Static Station Non-Interstate based Weigh Stations:
Hilliard / Hopewell / Lake City / MacClenny / Old Town / Palatka / Palm Coast / Pensacola / Plantation Key / Yulee

But still, you can web scrape from the Florida Department of TRANSPORTATION.

AFAIK, I haven't found a direct download of this data. It contains all the required fields

Note: It has only Florida Weigh station info

  • Thanks! That's a great suggestion. It might be feasible to do this for the mainland US since there are not that many states. It seems that there are some analogous third-party sites doing something similar.
    – capet
    Commented Jul 21, 2020 at 16:30

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