I am looking for some web traffic or clickstream dataset, ideally from an ecommerce website. I like to do some analysis on purchasing pattern if possible.

For example: visit duration, conversion, shopping cart abandonment, cross-category shopping, promotion behavior...

I can setup a place to upload the file.


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Dataset 1:

Wikipedia Releases Clickstream Data

Wikipedia has released a data set of clickstream data for January 2015. A clickstream is the path a user requests to get to a desired web page or article by using a referer—clicking on a link or performing a search. The dataset contains 22 million referer-article pairs from the English language, desktop version of Wikipedia—just a sample of the 4 billion total requests made in January. Clickstream data is a valuable analytical tool as it can determine things like the most popular links in a web page and how users navigate through a website.

Download data from: https://figshare.com/articles/Wikipedia_Clickstream/1305770

Dataset 2:

Visualize Website Clickstream Data

These website log files contain data elements such as a date and time stamp, the visitor’s IP address, the destination URLs of the pages visited, and a user ID that uniquely identifies the website visitor.

Download data from : https://s3.amazonaws.com/hw-sandbox/tutorial8/RefineDemoData.zip

Dataset 3:

Sample Clickstream Data

Download data from : https://gist.github.com/matthayes/4614332


This may be for only an old version (4.1), but...

ClickStream Example Database Wayback Archive

Example Database File Locations

The example databases are installed in:


Update: Download instructions (link denied due to registration)


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