Is there a site or "Service" to exchange QGIS project files? Perhaps creation of one would be interesting for others.

For example, I have created a complex project for sewer managment. I want to see and compare what others in this field might already have developed to improve my project. But i also want to share my project, because someone else might find it usefull what i have done.

  • Why not asking this question on GIS SE, where QGIS user used to live. I can assume that sewer management is a bit sensitive topic which not that easily to get information about. And I do not think people will share real working project freely on the web, at least I won't do it due to my company restrictions and policies. However, IMHO you can create an own blog/website/page etc. where you can provide access to such projects. – Taras Aug 26 at 7:17
  • Would GitHub/GitLab be a place to share project files? If you choose open geodata/file formats. And for the project files, QGS is just XML: github.com/… – philshem Aug 26 at 19:32
  • @Taras yeah i guess GIS SE would be the place, but from my experience asking for data there results in a hint to ask for it in the open data SE :) philshem,GitHub would be possible - a own blog as well. I need to think about what seems best when i have the time! thanks for your input! – sn1ks Aug 27 at 6:36
  • 1
    Perhaps give a try contacting the author of this source QGIS Hub. – Taras Sep 4 at 5:21
  • that is looking great! i will message they guy, thanks alot! – sn1ks Sep 8 at 6:04

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