In an answer of this specific question on stack exchange: What does some reports have the same safetyreportid? It is stated that openfda has duplicates: 'Duplicate and incomplete reports are in the system: There are many instances of duplicative reports and some reports do not contain all the necessary information'

However, checking openfda site for the duplicate field description:

Screenshot of Searching OpenFDA for "duplicate"

The site states that openFDA shows only the most recent version (meaning there is no duplicates on the openFDA)

I am a bit confused whether the openFDA API data provides duplicates or not. I would love to hear more clarification about this matter.

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"Opening data means cleaning data" from "https://www.techrepublic.com/article/openfda-launches-open-data-platform-for-consumer-protection/". "We had removed duplicate records when we did the harmonization process. There are now 15 identifiers mapped to 85% of the adverse events data." said by Herron from FDA

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