I would like to have an idea of precise coverage (extend) for the latitude/longitude of the city of Porto, Portugal.

This is in connection with my research that I need to filter out geolocation data for the cities of Porto (Portugal) and Beijing (China). Luckily, I found one for Beijing city here as "ranges from 39° 27' to 41° 03' N and in longitude from 115° 25' to 117° 30' E" which is what I want.

For the city of Porto, all I get is a one-point coordinates (41.1579° N, 8.6291° W).

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If you need a precise border of the city of Porto in coordinates, then extract a city boundary. Check these pages Getting city boundaries from openstreetmap and Getting polygon boundaries of City in JSON from Google Maps API?

If only a rectangular, it is a boundig box, and you can get it here Getting bounding-box of city.


Both cases are also possible with overpass turbo.


Overpass API/Overpass API by Example

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