I've been looking for a while for a database (or API) containing information about motorcycles. Notament :

  • Brand
  • Model
  • Year of manufacture
  • If possible various technical information
  • And also if possible the different maintenance to be done on the vehicle.

The best would be a free base (because it is, for the moment, for a personal project). But why not later on move to a paid base but with more information.

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Bikes Price and Specs

The dataset containing bike manufacturer, model, price and other specifications

Vehicle dataset from cardekho

Used Cars and motorcycles data

Additional Resources

Need to web scrap


Teoalida's Car Database The most updated automobile database – Excel, CSV, SQL files for download


Here is a motorcycle specs database API, on the RapidApi marketplace: https://rapidapi.com/makingdatameaningful/api/motorcycle-specs-database


There's a scraped version of bikez.com now:


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