Is it possible to search specific terms within the summary or statement PDF of the 510k records of medical devices using either the API, the dataset or an online database?

I found a similar question (Open FDA - Medical device search -> summary pdf), however, the answer there does not fully answer my question if this is possible.

I loaded the dataset in R and tried to search the full text of the PDF but it looks like the full text is not stored in the dataset?

If it is not available, would it be reasonable to scrape it?


I'm Jack with the openFDA team. At present the text of the summary PDFs is not included in the openFDA 510k API. We have no plans to change this yet, but I will bring it up with the team and look into adding this feature. As this would be a large feature addition, it will take some time to implement if it is determined to be a feasible and approved.

Thank you, Jack Finch

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