I am looking for a data set of electro-mechanical data storage devices prices and specs. In particular, I am interested in the prices of memory storage (e.g. Hard Disk, Solid State Hardisk etc. etc.) comparing the $/GB, writing reading speed, the maximum capacity and so on I did my own table. But I want to validate it against a dataset.

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Hard Drive Data and Stats

Hard drive failure data and stats from 2019

Except price you can find the other detailed dataset here:

The first row of each file contains the column names, the remaining rows are the actual data. The columns are as follows:

  • Date – The date of the file in yyyy-mm-dd format.
  • Serial Number – The manufacturer-assigned serial number of the drive.
  • Model – The manufacturer-assigned model number of the drive.
  • Capacity – The drive capacity in bytes.
  • Failure – Contains a “0” if the drive is OK. Contains a “1” if this is the last day the drive was operational before failing.

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