We are researching adaptive techniques for estimating longer-term soundlevels LAeq_T, from short-term soundlevels LAeq_tau. T is typically T=15minutes, and tau=1 seconds. To validate our approach we are in need of datasets of sufficient resolution.

Therefore we are looking for sound level / noise level datasets with high temporal resolution, that is LAeq at every 10 seconds or more often. The data should cover at least 24 hours in a single location, with multiple days being very advantageous.

Almost all kinds of environment are of interest, for example:

  • office/workplace
  • construction
  • industry/manufacturing
  • train/metro traffic
  • road traffic
  • airplane traffic
  • community noise. residential/urban
  • natural scenes / rural

From before, we have found the following datasets:

NTNU Koopen


Collected by researchers at NTNU university in Trondheim Norway. 5 sensors covering an open area at the university used by students. For a time period of 6 months. 2 second resolution.

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