In an endeavour to compare a basic regression with a more advanced Ensemble Network of classifiers, I am looking for (a) data(set) that contains:

  • Task description
  • Measured task duration
  • (Estimated task duration prior to starting task)


I have built a scraper that analyzes the taskwarrior data pushed to public githubs, yielding 219607 [tasks- and task edits], of which 61284 unique tasks/task edits, of which 5105 unique tasks, of which 159 contain a start and completion date.

Furthermore I have contacted the authors of the study using a 2.6 million sample task duration database from Cortana and the study using a task database from 1989 consisting of 16000 tasks. The former is a propriatary dataset which I am currently not able to access, the latter has been lost by whom I was able to contact.


Do you have any suggestions on where I can find a (large,5k+) dataset that contains task description and task duration information?

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