I'm using this dataset which has a 'Week' property. I can see its type is Edm.DateTime, but unfortunately I don't know this type.

How can I convert it convert to a timestamp or date?


  • /Date(-94176000000)/
  • /Date(1478304000000)/

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These are the number of milliseconds after (or before, for negative values) January 1st, 1970, midnight UTC, which is the Unix epoch.

You can use a website like this one; it shows the current time in seconds since the epoch, but it converts milliseconds as well.

Your first example, -94176000000, converts to Saturday, January 7, 1967 0:00:00; it's quite rare to see negative Unix timestamps but in case of historical data, it happens. If I browse the data here, it also starts in January 1967.

How to convert these depends on the programming language. In Java, the default constructor for Date accepts exactly this format; C# has e.g. a DateTimeOffset.FromUnixTimeMilliseconds method.

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