I am conducting researches into a voice phishing attacks/scam phone call detection system using machine learning. However, I am facing difficulties finding an open dataset of voice phishing or phone calls logs I could work with.

Please, can anyone guide me to any related dataset? Or even suggestions on how to create such a dataset and deal with voice phishing?

Any opinions are welcome.


I think you are referring to voice spoofing, which can be part of the phishing process. In the context of voice, the term spoofing is more common in literature. Spoofing/ phishing can take various forms either by using a replayed audio (if only a password is required for example) or an advanced voice synthesis/cloning system etc. Therefore the datasets can differ in their structure depending on the research specifications. The following are some datasets used in anti-spoofing research:

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    Hello, Thank you for your reply. Actually, the type of dataset I was looking for was the call detail record (CDR) enabling the program to detect if a call is genuine or a scam. After check around it turned out that they are really difficult to get from Telecom operator because of privacy concerns. So I had to find an alternative for the project. I will use the given link about spoofing for further research. Thank you. Jul 16 '20 at 7:14

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