I'm looking for road traffic data (e.g. average road traffic by day) or congestion data for German cities or other spatial units (e.g. a certain road or highway). What would be important to me is, that there is some differentiation by time and spatial units (e.g. by day, week, month in city x or at road y). I'm not interested in highly aggregated figures such as annual averages. Ideally, I would look for (more or less live) data from traffic counts at some fixed points over time.

I know that there are automated counting stations operated by BASt, but I can only find data up to 2018 (and in not very useful format). There is also hourly information by road, but again only until 2018 as of today.

There also is an old question in the forum (from 2016) with a similar topic, but the answer is outdated.

Can anyone point me to some resources?


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You can get the traffic data unofficially from TomTom, both "average" and "live" for any city (?) by using the API endpoint found in the Developer Tools --> Network.


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The list of cities can probably be scraped from this JS file: https://tomtom.com/en_gb/traffic-index/commons-bf384d0d7ca7a781fbd8.js

because this URL is likely to change when they rebuild the site, here is an archive: https://web.archive.org/web/2020032215

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  • Interesting, is this free? I worked with Google in the past and it is rather costly.
    – Peter
    Apr 17, 2020 at 13:57

Look at https://mcloud.de/, which is the open data portal of the German Ministry of Traffic and Infrastructure. They have links to various datasets from various areas of interest, including traffic.

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