I was following this tutorial for requesting from the 2010 Decennial Census. It specifies the following code for printing a list of state names ("NAME"), state areas ("AREALAND"), and state total populations ("P001001"):

import requests

HOST = "https://api.census.gov/data"
year = "2010"
dataset = "dec/sf1"

base_url = "/".join([HOST, year, dataset])

predicates = {}

get_vars = ["NAME", "AREALAND", "P001001"]

predicates["get"] = ",".join(get_vars)

predicates["for"] = "state:*"

col_names = ["name", "total_pop", "state"]
r = requests.get(base_url, params = predicates)

print (r.text)

When I run the code I get the following error:

error: error: unknown variable 'AREALAND'

Looking at the 2010 Decennial Census Variable List I don't see 'AREALAND' listed. Has the API been changed since the tutorial was made, or am I making some other kind of error? The tutorial was published to YouTube on March 4th, 2020.


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The variable for area used for 2010 data is "CSA".

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