Since the Netherlands is famous with the windmill, how come I can't find the spatial dataset of it? I tried to look at :


Anyone knows where can I find it?

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Why not use OpenStreetMap data? You can use the man_made=windmill tag

A traditional windmill, historically used to mill grain with wind power.

enter image description here

This Overpass Turbo link will give you all windmills in the Netherlands. Note that this will include a fair amount of insignificant tiny windmills used to hose water from a canal in a polder, not the typical "picture post-card" type big ones that you can enter and may even have living quarters. Most of these can be detected by a "name" or "description" tag of "Poldermolen", but there is no guarantee this is accurate.

Overpass Turbo query link for windmills in the Netherlands

screenshot of sample results:

screenshot of sample results

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