Google is providing PDF reports for regions to understand how mobility and crowding has changed during the Coronavirus pandemic.


Each country/region has a PDF with sub-regions. For example, Switzerland: (PDF) https://www.gstatic.com/covid19/mobility/2020-03-29_CH_Mobility_Report_en.pdf

Where can I find this data that is easily machine readable?

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1. Scrapes the regional categories from ALL the PDF files

(my own repo) https://github.com/philshem/scrape_covid19_mobility_reports

(more details)

direct links to data (two formats, same info):

enter image description here

2a. Digitization of line graphs


Convert the PDF files to SVG format, and extract the trend lines.

Extract text from the PDF.

Pair up the text with the trends.

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2b. Digitization of line graphs for US/Canada

Code: https://github.com/kylemcdonald/covid-mobility-data

Data: https://github.com/kylemcdonald/covid-mobility-data/releases/tag/2020-03-29

Details: https://twitter.com/kcimc/status/1246505356471107585

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3. Scraping the aggregate changes for the entire country/region


very cool fetching script for all PDFs: https://github.com/patrikpolyak/google_covid19_community_mobility_reports_data/blob/master/fetch_pdfs.sh

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