Similar to this question except for space technologies—ships, satellites, drones etc.?


I would guess that scraping lists an timelines linked on the summary page Spaceflight lists and timeline (Wikipedia) will cover most satellites, probes and drones operational today and in the past.


I found this while googling:

The UCS Satellite Database is a listing of the more than 1000 operational satellites currently in orbit around Earth. Our intent in producing the database is to create a research tool for specialists and non-specialists alike by collecting open-source information on operational satellites and presenting it in a format that can be easily manipulated for research and analysis. It is available as both a downloadable Excel file and in a tab-delimited text format.



Nasa have a superb resource at http://ssd.jpl.nasa.gov/?horizons which covers solar system objects. Satellites and spacecraft as well as asteroids, comets, planets etc


I can't help on the drones -- but NASA has a service called the Satellite Situation Center that will tell you the location of many spacecraft. I can only assume that they don't track clasified (ie, secrete military) spacecraft.

Another spacecraft location database is the one at N2YO.

Unlike aircraft and surface ships, most spacecraft are one-off builds. There are constellations of spacecraft such as STEREO, CLUSTER, GPS, and Iridium, and there are a few that are built similar for economy of scale (eg, GOES-N, GOES-O, GOES-P), and maybe some communications satellites.

You can get additional information about scientific spacecraft (both current and older) from the National Space Science Data Center.

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