I'm looking for a free/open Drink (Cocktail) Recipe database. I found this one: http://www.odditysoftware.com/page-datasales7.htm which looks like exactly what I want, but this project doesn't have the budget to buy a database like this. Is there anything free that can get me close?

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The Wikimedia project Wikibooks has a book on bartending, including a full chapter of cocktail recipes. Not a database, but pretty comprehensive and possibly a good start for a proper database.


I found a wiki with many coctails recipes and extra info, but since I can see, it has a strict copyright. Maybe you can contact with them, if you want the database for non-commercial use.



You might look at the source for Bartendro - https://github.com/partyrobotics - there is a default drink DB and I know there has been at least some community interest in building a more comprehensive open drink database.


I would be really surprised if such a data set existed. Prices will vary depending of your location and/or country. I think the best for you is to merge your source with a price index source.

For example here in Ontario, LCBO (the provincial monopoly selling alcohol) information have been made available through an API.

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