I'm looking for a dataset of drone attacks containing:

  • attack location (GPS coordinates if possible)
  • number of injuries and deaths
  • time and date


  • demographics information on casualties
  • reason for attack
  • organization/country piloting the attack

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I found at least one non-profit that has a website (updated link) that contains statistics based on specific country. I don't know how accurate they are because many attacks are probably still unknown. I don't know if you can download their data as a database, but I think with finite data points, you can reconstruct the data set yourself.

For the optional stuff:

  • Demographics: are sort-of there (Militants killed, Civilians killed, Unknown killed, Target organization)
  • Reason for attack: you may have to dig up media stories for specific attacks and then join that info with the data set
  • Organization/country piloting the attack: this website has organization and is sorted by country.

I would start by reaching out to this organization (or any other similar ones) and ask if you can take an export of their data set. They use a Creative Commons license, so they encourage non-commercial use with attribution.


The Bureau for Investigative Journalism was listed as the source for the well-known Pitch Interactive Drone visualization project. Pitch doesn't link directly to the data file they used, but poking around on the BIJ website leads to this page.

Unfortunately, from clicking around I can't find any sign of well-structured, downloadable data, probably because it is rarely precise or absolutely confirmed.

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