I am a software developer. I want to advertise that I can build vehicle tracking apps. To that end, I will place a live demo on my web page.

I am looking for an API which I can query every 5 seconds or so to get the current positions of vehicles and update the map in real-time.

I want something UK based, preferably in London, but that's not a deal breaker; nation-wide would not hurt (and I may even be able to think of a few extra features for it).

I could use the London Underground or buses, I suppose. But if I am trying to market fleet tracking capabilities, might it not be better to use an actual fleet? E.g DHL or something like that? Or, am I just overthinking it and is "data moving on the map" enough?

I would prefer something with data 24/7, so that people looking from other time zones won't see an empty map in the middle of the night. Taxis? Pizza delivery? Police cars would be great, but I doubt if they make their data public ;-) Hmm, maybe ambulances or fire engines?

In terms of requests to the API, maybe every 5 seconds, possibly every second, but I don't want a messy map, so maybe 5 or 10 vehicles (max 20 if UK wide). The API must, of course, be free for commercial use.

So, which imaginative API can you recommend me? Real-time not recorded, data please.


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