Wikidata today is not only an ontology but also a catalog of publications: scientific articles, formal documents (law), etc. are registered, millions of Wikidata-items. So, when using Wikidata's search engine it is looking for millions of things that I not need.

How to say to Wikidata-search that I not need that?

Can I use the SparQL engine as search engine?

Articles are subclass of work (Q386724), so can I exclude that items and do a ordinary search for others?


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As @StanislavKralin suggested, read the guide (!). Some examples in the context of the question.

Supposing that I am looking for itens about "personal data" on Wikidata search box.

  • Try personal data...
    Results in a lot of strange items (example Q3328..), that, when click we can see that are journal article (Q13442814) instances.

  • add the haswbstatement: tag with the entity tag. For example personal haswbstatement:P31=Q151885 retrieves all instances of Q151885 that have key-word "personal".

  • To search for items that do not have a certain statement, add an “exclude” modifier.
    personal data -haswbstatement:P31=Q13442814 finds all "personal data" excluding journal articles.

  • personal data -haswbstatement:P279=* retrieves all ontological itens that are a kind of subclass (so not is a kind of article, document or any other non-ontological item).

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