I would like to create a list of all mobile home parks in the US, including address, owner records, and number of pads. How can I find a list of all mobile home parks by State and sorted by number of pads?

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    Openstreetmap may have a relevant tag, but is likely incomplete.
    – gerrit
    Feb 19 '20 at 9:45
  • @gerrit seems it's proposed but not yet in use wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/Trailer_Park
    – philshem
    Feb 19 '20 at 17:07
  • @philshem Proposed ten years ago, oh well. Seems like they need a better issue tracking and decision taking system as well!
    – gerrit
    Feb 19 '20 at 17:07

Not the solution you seek, but this list should get you started.
There are a few national datasets, but considering the logistics of collecting it all, and how there are many more state/local datasets, you may find more success/more accurate datasets on those levels.
Mobile Home Parks - Homeland Infrastructure Foundation-Level Data (HIFLD)
HIFLD Mobile Home Parks GeoJSON
Oregon Manufactured Dwelling Park Directory and Query
Oregon Manufactured Home Park Directory
Search ESRI ArcGIS for tags:"Mobile Homes"
Search ESRI ArcGIS for tags:"single family detached"
Search ESRI ArcGIS for tags:"housing units"
Search ESRI ArcGIS for tags:"Mobile Home Park"
Zillow has tons of neighborhood data; you can also do a search for "Mobile" by state: Here's Florida's Results.
Mobile Homes in the City of Dallas
Mobile Home (Miami-Date County) Housing Units In Structure by Tract, 2012-2016 is an ACS dataset.
ACS - American Community Survey has a bunch of related datasets.

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