I have looked at https://opentopography.org/tags/data. The data I obtained from https://opentopography.org/tags/data was in 1.3. Some one told that it should be available at usgs site but I felt lost at the site. If you had success in getting the aforementioned data at usgs or some other site please share your experience.

  • Hi @qqqqq, what exactly do you mean by LAS? Is this a specific dataset or do you mean some form of remotely sensed lidar data?
    – sboysel
    Feb 17, 2020 at 0:46
  • @sboysel It is a format for 3d point could and some additional information. You can read ore about it at en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LAS_file_format
    – qqqqq
    Feb 18, 2020 at 17:12

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I was able to get it from https://cteco.uconn.edu/data/download/flight2016/index.htm

There is drop down to select a city. I selected the first city Andover. On the right of the map a table with 4 columns heading appear. The last column has las data. I selected one element ( clocked on the link) from the last column. I popped up a window titled "Results"> This window has two tabs: "Town" and "Tile". I clicked on "Tile" tab Then there are links for Tiff , DEM etc . Among them is LAS. I clicked on the LAS. It downloaded a zip file. By uncompressing the zip file, I got my las file. The version of the downloaded file was 1.4 and point format was 6.

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