I need to collect all articles that are about countries and continents in Arabic from Wikipedia. I was wondering how do I find these articles if I downloaded the latest wiki dump?

New to the field. Trying to learn something new every day.

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    I wrote an answer about ar-wiki dumps, but you may have better luck using Wikidata. Maybe a Wikidata/SPARQL user can write an answer here, or consider formulating your question and asking here: wikidata.org/wiki/Wikidata:Request_a_query
    – philshem
    Jan 28, 2020 at 9:42

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Here's the main page for Wiki{p,m}edia dumps:


and the index of dumps:


and for Arabic Wikipedia you'd select "ar" and "wiki", for example:

https://dumps.wikimedia.org/arwiki/20200120/ (note the datestamp)

(if you wanted Arabic Wiktionary instead, it would be another dump: https://dumps.wikimedia.org/arwiktionary/20200120/)

and the full dump of Arabic Wikipedia is here:

enter image description here

Read here about how to parse the results


Or search through this forum for tips, for example:

How can I download the complete Wikidata database?


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