I am working on an open-science platform where users can write projects about future papers.

When writing a project, they can add tags to it in order to help with its indexation. The related tags will be research fields, topics, and methodologies.

I am looking for a data set to use as a starter with the main scientific disciplines, and I wondered if there is one available. Is it?

  • Are you looking for just a simple long list of scientific disciplines, a 1-column-list that you then curate yourself; or do you want a sophisticated hierarchy of classes of scientific discipines (a hierarchy that is in use by libraries, scince publishers, etc)?
    – knb
    Dec 29, 2020 at 10:39

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Ok, I found this one and it seems to be a good start: https://figshare.com/articles/Fields_of_Research_FoR_Classification/10305443


Elsevier uses a classification called All Science Journal Classification (ASJC), see the list here (or the archived version).

This list seems to show Web of Science's classification system.

(And, if you want to have an advanced read on this topic, there are more innovative approaches, such as this one used at CWTS Leiden).

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