I haven't found a clear website that I could share with non-profit organizations or companies, about how their opening of data can be used by the community for transparency, marketing, good PR, building a community, 3rd party apps, etc.

The challenge is that opening data is done for different reasons by each stakeholder, so there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question "why open data?".

This resource from OKFN very much focuses on governments: https://okfn.org/opendata/why-open-data/

This question focuses on governments as well: What are good examples of how open data is driving community development?

But are there more general examples of websites or documents that could appeal to other potential data-sharers such as companies?

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    "You use our personal data. Hence, share your trade secrets. Otherwise, we'll expropriate your data centers." – from a "data socialist" point of view :-). t.me/opendatarussiachat/19380 – Stanislav Kralin Jan 31 at 14:10

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