I'm looking for an open database from which I can download, for a selected area, both the elevation map (usually I use this one) and a map of the resources underground (ideally it should be oil or gas). As a resolution, between 30 and 90 meters would be perfect. Do you have suggestions on where to look? As a file format, I would prefer to work with .hgt, .flt or .hdr.

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A reasonable approach would be to obtain layers of (1) elevation data such as SRTM and (2) natural resources and overlay them.

For (1), see EarthExplorer and look under the section "Digital Elevation". Note that the link you posted is likely your best best for the data in .hgt format. For (2), the U.S. Energy Information Administration has a set of maps and geospatial datasets (i.e. Shapefiles) on oil and natural gas resources. Alternatively, the USGS National Geologic Map Database might have some useful data on land resources. Under a broader definition "resources underground", the list of USDA ERS Natural Resources Datasets has several interesting sources for geospatial data on natural resources. Note that since the specifics were omitted in the OP, I have assumed a geographic scope of the United States.

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