Google maps shows nearby pubs and restaurants. But it does not show if they are currently open, which is frustrating at some times of day.

If I google search for the establishment, they often have the opening hours.

I would like to create a mash up of these, but doubt that google would appreciate me scraping its data.

Is there any open database of British eating & drinking establishments with

  • type of establishment
  • location (either address, preferably with post code) or lat/long
  • opening hours

Even if it is incomplete, my main aim is to say "if you walk there now, it will definitely be open".


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In theory, OSM should store the data (although unlikely to be as actual as other non-open sources)



Bulk download: http://download.geofabrik.de/europe/britain-and-ireland.html

See here for how to download bulk data and how to parse records to keep only certain keys/tags.

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