I would like to ask if there is a database of Cloud Pictures classified by type.


The following Picture would be classified in the category: "Cirrus uncinus".

enter image description here


Zhang, Liu, and Zhang (2018) share the data from their paper in this GitHub repository. From the README:

The CCSN dataset contains 2543 cloud images. According to the World Meterological Organization’s genera-based classification recommendation, we divide into 11 different categories: Ac, Sc, Ns, Cu, Ci, Cc, Cb, As, Ct, Cs, St. It is worth noting that contrails have consideration in our dataset. Representative sample images from each category are shown below. Ci = cirrus; Cs = cirrostratus; Cc = cirrocumulus; Ac = altocumulus; As = altostratus; Cu = cumulus; Cb = cumulonimbus; Ns = nimbostratus; Sc = stratocumulus; St = stratus; Ct = contrail.


Zhang, Jinglin, et al. "CloudNet: Ground‐Based Cloud Classification With Deep Convolutional Neural Network." Geophysical Research Letters 45.16 (2018): 8665-8672.

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