I would like to know about where I could find electric substation data for states in the US, that can be downloaded as a point shapefile or file geodatabase feature class. I am particularly interested to find substation data for the states of California, Nevada and Arizona. I am searching for data that would show information about the substation status, max-min voltage, NAICS code and possibly number transmission lines passing through these substations. I was able to find multiple resources for California 'https://data.ca.gov/dataset/california-electric-substations' and 'https://catalog.data.gov/dataset/california-electric-substations-64b59/resource/21777503-daec-4b66-b52e-3b582d066f8e?inner_span=True'. However was not able to find any data for Nevada or Arizona

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Homeland Infrastructure Foundation-Level Data: Electric Substations

This feature class/shapefile represents electric power substations primarily associated with electric power transmission. In this layer, substations are considered facilities and equipment that switch, transform, or regulate electric power at voltages equal to, or greater than, 69 kilovolts. Substations with a maximum operating voltage less than 69 kilovolts may be included, depending on the availability of authoritative sources, but coverage of these features should not be considered complete. The Substations feature class/shapefile includes taps, a location where power on a transmission line is tapped by another transmission line. The following updates have been made since the previous release: 7,144 features added, geographic coverage expanded to include Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, and Virgin Islands.

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