Does Population estimates in American Community Survey 5-Year Data (2009-2017) includes international migration as well? or is it based on residence status.

  • are you looking for the migsp variable in the one year and five year files ? – Anthony Damico Oct 22 at 10:27
  • working on HC01_EST_VC03 variable in 5 year ACS file – user86752 Oct 22 at 11:57
  • 1
    Can you the table number you are looking through? My impression is that HC01_EST_VC03 is a column position for a given table, but does not uniquely identify a specific item within a specific table. I have a few other questions as well based on my initial search, did you do the search using American FactFinder and came across table S0701? – Kotebiya Oct 22 at 13:55

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