I'm looking for datasets about cinema in the US. In particular, I need a representative sample (as much as this can exist) of

  • Movies that were properly released and seen in theatres in the US
  • Released between 1950 to today
  • Plot summaries
  • Country of production
  • Year of release

I found this great resource from IMDB, but I can't find the plot summaries and countries of production.

Is it possible to extract/scrape this data from Wikipedia/DBpedia/IMDB?

  • You could scrape this from wikipedia, of course, but it would be a bit hit and miss parsing it. wikidata.org includes some of this information, but not all of it: wikidata.org/wiki/Q17738 Also cs.cmu.edu/~ark/personas may help – user3856 Sep 23 '19 at 17:17

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