I'm trying to find data that:

  • is from the US AND
  • from 1980 AND somewhat recent (within ten years) AND
  • Interracial Marriages--Race/Ethnicity of the two people involved

I'm trying to look on the Census site but it's getting overwhelming.


To the best of my knowledge (not authoritative, but based on a good bit of Census data experience), there are no general Census tabulations which break down the reported races of different people in a single household, whether spouses, children, or other. Generally, those details are rolled up in aggregate counts of people. There are a couple of ACS tables which get at the race of the householder, but not in comparison to the race of other people living in that household.

I've found a few reports generated by Census Bureau employees or other people who have privileged access to the data.

  • This page presents a few tables for 1970-1990, with bits of data going back to 1960 and up to 1992.
  • This more recent report compares data from 2000 to the 2012-2016 American Community Survey.

Pew Research Center did a substantial study on interracial marriage in 2017. You might take a look at the methodology section of their full PDF report for more on how they went about it.

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