I am seeking GIS or geospatial data that has the oldest railroad in the United States, or more specifically in the state of Colorado.

Must have come from the beginning of 1900s to present.

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Railroads and the Making of Modern America has links to the following downloadable historical US railroad data. I didn't investigate the actual geospatial extent of these railroad datasets, so I can't promise they have Colorado railroads. Here's a wayback machine link in case the original site goes down.

Download Data

Other Data Files in structured formats:

"Railroads and the Making of Modern America" was the very first Google search result for "historical gis railroad." There were other promising links further down in the search results page, including:

Modifying the search with "shapefile" or "geospatial" instead of "gis" may also be fruitful. If you find more/better sources please share them.

Old Maps Online may have images of old maps that include railroads.

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