I'm looking for the official spatial datasets (shapefile or other geospatial format) showing Japanese railway lines and stations, including the high-speed Shinkansen and local/metropolitan rail lines.

Via Google I found this dataset on the ArcGIS Hub, and Diva GIS has a Japanese railways dataset which appears to be identical, but I'm unable to ascertain the provenance or accuracy of either dataset. These datasets also don't include the name of the railway line, or the station points.

Is there an official dataset available freely, or even commercially?

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    Have you looked at Open Street Map? Their data is crowdsourced, which means it's neither authoritative nor complete. But sometimes it comes from official sources, and will tell you what those sources are.
    – csk
    Aug 12 '19 at 18:36
  • @csk thanks, OSM may be the best or only option Aug 12 '19 at 22:52

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