I am doing a research based on a paper.

In the original paper, the authors used FDG-PET images on the ADNI website. The data-set consists of all participants’ baseline scans, including normal controls(NC) participants, mild cognitive impairment(MCI) participants, and Alzheimer’s disease(AD) participants. By 48th month of the follow-up, some of the MCI patients have converted to AD while some haven't.

Our goal is to use the baseline images of AD and NC to define an algorithm and then use it to determine which MCI patients are going to convert to AD. ("image" means 3D functional data)

I have requested an account on ADNI and have asked the author for data issues, but in case she won't reply to me, I am trying to find an ideal dataset by myself.

Q1: I couldn't find an ideal set of images on ADNI. Anyone familiar with ADNI website could point out what should I do to find them? Like which filter should I use when searching?(MRI images are also good if we really couldn't find ideal PET images.)

I don't merely need the baseline images, I also need their status 24/48 months later. It is somewhat hard for me to find a project like this.

Q2: If not on ADNI, are there other websites recommended that offer publicly available PET scan images of AD&MCI&NC?


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