I'm looking for a list containing common abbreviations for business terms. For example, "revenue" --> "rev.".

I found this post but that links to common acronyms and abbreviations.

A friendly format would be great, but even if I could scrape to collect this stuff that would be helpful.

(Of course, the problem of converting a given word into an abbreviation seems like a very extensive NLP project, which I'd like to avoid.)

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You can create your own from these lists:
List of business and finance abbreviations on Wikipedia
Business Abbreviations on All Acronyms
Business Industry Search on fullformgo

  • Note: If you choose this/similar path, it would be swell if you published the list as open data, and came back here and shared the list's uri/the list with us!
    – albert
    Commented Aug 5, 2019 at 22:31

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