I am here to seek historical precipitation data that displays every area in the United States, but specifically in southwest Kansas on the grassland. Here is the screenshot I am sharing.

With: We would like to find an interactive map that can display in 7, 12, 24 or so hours, or at least a day or so in the past 30 days...

Can you suggest a website?

Enter image description here


You can see daily precipitation summaries for specific observation stations on NOAA's Climate Data Online Mapping Tool. I tried to link you directly to the precipitation map for your area of interest, but that doesn't seem to be possible. Here's how to get to the data you want:

enter image description here

Use the rectangle select tool to see the stations in your area of interest.

enter image description here

You may also be interested in the Hourly/Subhourly map, which you can access through the Map Finder button enter image description hereon the top toolbar.

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