I have difficulty finding an open-access medical data set with time to an event variable to conduct survival analysis. Where can I find a multivariate data set, preferably with a few hundreds of observations? Besides those that come with JM R package.

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Survival Data Sets

Heart transplant data

Data on 69 patients receiving heart transplants. Taken from "The Statistical Analysis of Failure Time Data" by Kalbfleisch and Prentice, Appendix I pages 230-232 from stalib data depository.

Ovarian cancer data

Chemotherapy after surgical treatment. 26 women with minimal residual the disease was randomized to cyclophosphamide with or without adriamycin. Survival time in days, status (0 = censored), treatment (2 = combined), age in years. Example 4.9 in D. Collett, Modelling Survival Data in Medical Research, Chapman & Hall, 1994 (pg 141)

Cervical cancer data

Sample of 30 patients from a randomized study of radiotherapy with and without a new radiosensitizer. Based on data from the MRC Working Party on Advanced Carcinoma of the Cervix, Radiotherapy Oncology 26:93-103, 1993. Analyzed in and obtained from MKB Parmar, D Machin, Survival Analysis: A Practical Approach, Wiley, 1995. Group = treatment (2 = radiosensitiser), age = age in years at diagnosis, status: (0 = censored) Survival time is in days (from randomization).

Primary Biliary Cirrhosis

The data set found in appendix D of Fleming and Harrington, Counting Processes and Survival Analysis, Wiley, 1991. The only differences are: age is in days status is coded as 0=censored, 1=censored due to liver tx, 2=death the sex and stage variables are not missing for obs 313-418

and more

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