I need to find an image dataset of human actions including sitting, walking, falling, and standing.

Although I searched, I could only find video datasets.

If anyone could share an image dataset with mentioned categories, I would really appreciate it

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Stanford 40 Actions

The Stanford 40 Action Dataset contains images of humans performing 40 actions. In each image, we provide a bounding box of the person who is performing the action indicated by the filename of the image. There are 9532 images in total with 180-300 images per action class.


Please download the dataset using the links below:

  • Images: 297.6MB;
  • Annotation in Matlab: Bounding boxes of humans, one box per image;
  • Annotation in XML: Bounding boxes of humans, one box per image. You can use the parser provided by PASCAL VOC to parse the XML files;
  • Image sets: suggested train/test split of the images;
  • All: you can download all above files here.

I think Stanford 40 Action Dataset, Flickr and Human Activity Recognition tab of World Data could be reliable sources in this regard. I also found Willow-Actions dataset as a good source.

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