Android APKs are often restricted by regions, for instance an APK is available in Korea but not in Nigeria, for obscure marketing and narrow-mindedness reasons. That leads many Android users to download APKs from a wide range of dodgy APK download sites.

  • Problem: Intducing spyware/malware in an APK is easy, and many of these download sites do it.
  • Solution: Verify the checksum of the downloaded APK. Unlike APK themselves, checksums are legal to publish.

Request: I am looking for a database of checksums of APK files.


  • Checksums of most popular apps present on Google's Play Store
  • For as many versions as possible of each app, at least the most recent version (some lag is acceptable)
  • Using any popular secure checksum algorithm such as SHA1
  • Searchable by application name or namespace

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