I need a list of active USA companies, sorted with the most recently formed at the top.

I searched using keyword "companies" here on OpenData but cannot find any appropriate solution. I found info regarding the website Opencorporates but it's not helpful due to several reasons.

  • A minor reason is that a lot of data are missing, including owner's full name, owner's home address, EIN/TIN number of business.
    I need data like name of the company, owners info (full name, his/her/their home address), company address, EIN and/or TIN code, info when company was formed, company phone number, website url if any, and would also like to see electronic downloaded copy (pdf) of original article of incorporation.
  • The major reason is that their search is full of bugs. If you search based on sorting "Incorporation date, most recent first" you will see extremely weird results, particularly dates of formation. Sometimes those are a few hundreds of years away from 2019. E.g. for the second company in a list, it says that it was formed in year 3198. Having such bugs makes me doubt if the other dates are reliable.
  • Besides this, I don't see anywhere business documentation like article of incorporation. Another problem with Opencorporates website is that entire USA cannot be even searched but state name has to be defined.
  • Even next problem is that all states aren't even possible to be defined.

I tried some more websites (e.g. Crunchbase, Unigraph, Yellow pages, Enigma, Orbis etc) of USA list of companies with as many as possible business information but wanted Sorting option (most recently formed first) is not available.

I don't strictly need an API, a normal list that I can sort myself will also work, as long as it is updated often, preferably containing companies that were officially formed few hours ago.

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