I'm looking for a REST API (paid or free) that

  • accepts a string representing a news article (see example below) as payload,
  • maps any company names mentioned in the article to a ticker (eg map Tesla to TSLA), and
  • returns an array of found company tickers

Example Article Snippet


Few of the noted market players in the global SDN orchestration market are Iphotonix, LLC, Nokia Corporation, Netcracker Technology, Cenx, Inc., Ciena Corporation, Qualisystems Ltd., Juniper Networks, Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd., Virtela Technology (acquired by NTT Communications), Glueware, Inc., Cisco Systems, Inc., Ubiqube PLC, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HP), ZYMR Systems Pvt. Ltd., and Anuta Networks.

Expected JSON Response

  "tickers": [
    "SHE: 002502",

If it doesn't exist I might develop it myself.

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