Where can I find free current global gridded weather data? I've found several sources of data that meet some of these criteria, but no site that meets all. For example:

  • I've found historical gridded weather data, some that's updated daily, but the data is always at least a week old, sometimes years old

  • The US government provides current gridded weather data, but it's limited to the United States or North America

  • The government also provides current weather data for airpots, ships, buoys, and automated stations, but this is point/raster data, and the data doesn't form a grid.

  • You can use openweathermap.org to pull maps and then read the pixels off them, but this seems kludgey and somewhat unfriendly. Plus, openweathermap.org must have a source, and I'd like to go directly to that source.

I've (obviously) read http://opendata.stackexchange.com/questions/10154/ but nothing there is helpful.

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