I want some data like:

  1. I need some data from the European Football League Forum, for example: discussing the Champions League, Premier League players, matches, etc;
  2. I want to do some nlp tasks in the European Football Forum(English);
  3. any format is ok, maybe json is better.
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    What is bbs? Also, 'soccer' is very broad. Do you want world wide data? In what form? Please read What a good request looks like and edit the question. – user4293 May 15 at 8:30
  • yeah, i will fix it – sevenguin May 15 at 8:42
  • Yeah, I’m working in soccer data and I don’t know what bbs is 😅 – philshem May 15 at 9:03
  • Ah, “bulletin boards” – philshem May 15 at 9:04

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