I am learning horse-colic dataset.

there are 2 types of values in column 2, 1 and 9.

dose that mean a record (a horse) is 1 year old or 9 years old?


According to the documentation on the link you provided:

2: Age
1 = Adult horse
2 = Young (< 6 months)

Then 1 indicates an adult horse, and since there are no 2s in the second column of the data or test files, I'd guess that 9 indicates a horse younger than 6 months. Let's check.

Column 2 contains only the values 1 and 9. In the data file, 24 of the 300 records have a value of 9 (8%), and in the test file, 4 of 68 records have a value of 9 (6%). Similar percentages is a good sign that 9 means a young horse (instead of 2).

The missing data, of which they claim there is 30%, is marked by a ? in other columns.

To get confirmation, feel free to contact the authors. And also consider reporting the bug to UCI.

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