I'm working on a GIS project and could really use your help. I've been googling all day but haven't had any luck. Where can I find:

  • list of all countries with reputable census data and link to the data
  • list all the statistical boundaries per country with census data

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By no means comprehensive, but RT Wilson's free GIS data list is a good place to start. Scroll down to the Individual Country/Area Datasets section and search for "census."

  • Australian Government Data: Data from the Australian Government's OpenData programme, including soil, climate and census data. This link shows only data available as shapefiles. Click the KML link to show KML data instead.
  • China Dimensions Data Collection: GIS data including administrative regions, census data linked to maps and agricultural data.
  • Diamond Bay Data: Chinese counties, census statistics and Digital Chart of the World China GIS layers.
  • Irish Census Boundaries 2006: Census boundaries from the Irish census in 2006, in shapefile format.
  • Great Britain Historical Database Online: Historical statistics linked to spatial areas including census data, births/marriages/deaths statistics and many others
  • United Kingdom ONS Geoportal: Downloadable data from the Office for National Statistics, including census data, administrative boundaries, postcode locations etc.
  • United Kingdom Census boundary data: Boundaries for census data areas, for both current and historical censuses
  • TIGER: US-wide census data.
  • TIGER/Line 2010: 2010 extracts from the census database. These files contain the boundaries of census areas, which can then be linked to census data tables.

Now you have data for 7 out of 206 sovereign nations in the world.


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