I'm writing an automated script to download the Excel file (below) provided monthly by doteta.gov. Is this file available on an SFTP server so I can SFTP the file?
If so, what is the SFTP host and credentials needed? The file is... https://www.doleta.gov/TradeAct/taa-data/petitions-determinations-data/docs/PetitionData.xlsx

  • Would you be interested in an answer that helped you script fetching the file by HTTP? Or do you really need FTP or SFTP? I'd think that the agency would be hesitate to add more access methods when HTTP is popular, and scripted fetching of HTTP documents is pretty well understood, in general. If you don't strictly need FTP/SFTP, consider editing your question, including info about the technology you're using for your script. – Joe Germuska May 6 at 20:38

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